Cooking is now fun with our electric cook tops


Cooking is fun when it is done with a touch of ease and quickness. Today, new inventions have made cooking literally a child’s play. With so many options and styles of cooking, we also need a faster way to prepare the food. That is where the need for an electric cook top comes up, which makes the process of cooking even more pleasurable. An electric stove works on a basic principle of converting electrical energy into heat to cook and bake. First invented in 19th century, the product is widely opted over its counterpart today.

Soyer gives you the best quality electric cook tops with many additional options. Before discussing the options and benefits, let’s see the types of electric stoves. Basically an electric cook top uses three types of technology:

  • Firstly the technology where resistive heating coils are used to heat an iron plate and thus pot placed on the top of it. However this method consequently developed into a spiral hollow steel tube that had a heating element in the middle.
  • Second technology glass ceramic cook tops which are good conductor of Infra red rays but have very low thermal conductivity, a coefficient of thermal expansion of practically zero. During this process, the cook top heats quickly while heating only the plate and not the adjacent surface.
  • Third technology of induction cooking is also making a way in to domestic kitchens rather quickly. This process of cooking only uses the magnetic property of steel to only heat the cooking vessel and considered quite energy efficient.

This technology has its own list of merits and benefits. Following are the main reasons one should use an electric cook top:

  • It is certainly less expensive to buy as well as install. All you have to do is plug it into the wall and it’s ready to use.
  • With its smooth top surface, it easily accommodates the pots and other utensils and thus provides more space for other uses.
  • The best part is that it does not need an igniter or lighter, it turns on and off with just a twist of knobs.
  • The electric cook top at Soyer also provides you with several additional functions such as fans and grillers etc.
  • Even while baking the distribution of heat is even.
  • Lastly, this technology is definitely more energy efficient than its other counterpart.

Soyer provides you with a wide range of electric cook tops with amazing designs that comfortably blend with your kitchen counter top. With 4 pre-adjusted cooking modes, 7 different Indian cooking modes, 5 temperature levels for different cooking menus and an in-built Visual and Audible alarm for safety, our electric stove is definitely a wise choice.


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